Jessica Mountjoy

Jessica joined Underhill Associates in 2015 as a Realtor®, specializing in the residential market. Licensed in Ohio in 2013, she earned the Professional Business Development (PBD) designation from her broker, which acknowledges the mastery of sales and business management skills in real estate.  Jessica brings with her eight years of experience in the interior design profession with a focus on client relations, sales, brand strategy & architectural space planning. She is able to utilize her vision to help clients forecast the unique potential for each space they encounter.

Jessica graduated from the University of Kentucky, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. She was raised in Louisville, studied and lived in Lexington, New York City, and Cincinnati, before returning to her hometown with a unique appreciation for its beautiful charm & potential. She married Cole Schwein, of Cincinnati, OH in 2014 and they live in Louisville with their son, Mac.


Underhill Associates has been conducting Real Estate transactions, both large and small, in Louisville for over forty years. As a third generation family business, we are proud to enjoy a reputation for reimagining, redesigning, and redeveloping some of the most well-known properties in the area.

By combining the personal, hands-on approach with which we have served clients for decades, with the technological and instantly accessible methodologies necessary in today’s Real Estate market, Underhill Associates excels at providing buyers and sellers the tools and resources needed to help complete their Real Estate transactions quickly and efficiently.

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